About Us

Mark Naniot has been mending orphaned and injured wildlife for almost 40 years. For the last 20+ he has done it professionally.

He has Bachelor degrees in natural resources and biology.

Mark served on the Wildlife Rehabilitation Advisory Committee to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to promote wildlife rehabilitation as a profession with guidelines and rules to protect the wildlife in rehabbers’ care as well as safeguard the public from 2000-2012.

Sharon Larson has BS degrees in both wildlife management and biology. She has been involved in domestic animal health care since 1979 and wildlife rehabilitation since the early 1980’s, getting her start under Dr. Rory Foster.

Mark & Sharon are both long-time members of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and the Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

Mark is also a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator and instructor for IWRC.

Both believe in providing quality wildlife care in which the animals’ needs and well-being are considered above all else.

 Since 1996, Mark & Sharon have been responsible for the care & treatment of over 13,393 wild animals comprised from over 100 different species.


  1. I wish you two all the best of luck and much much success with your new place! I know with the tremendous amount of dedication you both have, the new center will be a terrifc addition to northern Wisconsin, and a few other areas besides!

  2. we found a baby honey badger on side of road very vold to touch we brought it home to care for it n a few months we were goin to take it to wildlife center.he is about 2n half months old, my dog attacked it last night n it has severe head trauma blood coming from nose n mouth it made it thru the night stopd bleeding round 1am head very swollen sounds like nose is stuffed up grunts n moans now when bothered n dry blood from eyes and he has his head tilted to the left what should we do? i cant get ahold of my vet til tomorrow, u can reach me @ 208 791 3529 thx hope all is well we love our animals n the wildlife so much im so happy for people like u out there to take care of those beautifull wild animals we have

    • We do not have honey badgers in WI. It looks like from your phone number you may be in ID. Please call a local wildlife rehabber familiar with the species and laws of your state. Here are 3 ID rehabbers listed in the NWRA Directory.
      Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary 634-8050
      American Heritage Wildlife Foiundation 266-1488
      Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 772-7297
      The sooner he gets help, the better.
      Good luck!

      • thank you for the info. u all take care i would love to do what u guys do !!

  3. what is the name of the animal in the banner picture across the top of the page?

    • That’s a North American Porcupine in a rare white color phase. It is not an albino, but white. There is a small pocket of white porcupines in Wisconsin. This photo was taken on it’s release day after recovering from being hit by a car.

  4. Could you tell me how the two baby squirrels that were brought in from Hurley, WI on Thursday are doing.

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