Posted by: Wild Instincts | June 23, 2012

Busy Week

This has been a busy week here at Wild Instincts.

On Monday we moved an adult male bald eagle into the newly finished eagle flight enclosure. Volunteers from Wisconsin Public Service who helped work on the enclosure were there along with other volunteers to see the benefit of their hard work. While this eagle, and the ones to follow, won’t verbally say thank you, we sure will.

Thank you to the many people who helped make this possible with their sweat equity. Thanks to Dr. Burton of Michigan Tech University for donating the utility poles from an ended research project. Another big THANK YOU to Wisconsin Public Service Foundation who also awarded us a $5000.00 grant to cover the expenses.

People who helped with the eagle flight enclosure watch the first eagle to use it.

This particular eagle was admitted here to Wild Instincts on April 25, 2012. You may remember him from the video clip Megan’s First Eagle Catch. He was admitted with an amputated digit on his left wing leaving him partially flighted, but unable to be released. At the time he was admitted, we started the paperwork process of making him our first permanent resident. He will be used to foster young eaglets, just like the one admitted June 22,2012.

This eagle anxiously awaits to see his new permanent home.

He came from within the boundaries of the Lac du Flambeau Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians Reservation. The youth center there will be holding an eagle naming contest for us to come up with three possible names for him. We will then have all of YOU vote for the name you’d most like for him out of those three. We should have the names from the Abinoojiiyag Center July 7th and announce them immediately. General public voting will end July 15th.

On Wednesday we moved some of the raccoons into their newly finished larger enclosure. All three summer interns got to help construct this enclosure from the planning to the completion. We made sure all three were there to see the move. It helps when you can see the fruits of your labor. Kristina used the enrichment and furnishing  of this enclosure as part of her intern project. She even worked on it on her rare time off!

“You made all this space for me?”

“Cool furniture. Thanks, guys!”


“I’m going to stay right here. I like it here.”

Of course, in between these milestones, we still were caring for and admitting more injured and orphaned wildlife.

Now it’s Friday and the weekend is here. That means more tourists, more people out recreating and coming across more animals in need-which generally means more busy times for us.

Guess that means it’s back to work now.


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