Posted by: Wild Instincts | June 1, 2012

Wild Groceries

While shopping at a local grocery store a couple weeks ago, one of our members saw the cart stuffed with 20+pounds of apples, 18 pounds of bananas, 3 pounds of grapes and several containers of strawberries and remarked “It looks like your shopping for a bear!”

More like ten bears that eat like, well, bears.

We never know what may be coming through the door in the next minute, but we do know that whatever species it may be, it won’t be carrying health insurance. Therefore, we are trying to balance healthy diet and healthy finances with all our patients.

We would like to be able to feed the bears a little more fruit and a little less dog food, but economically it’s not feasible. If we give each of the cubs 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 strawberry and a handful of grapes per feeding that works out to 20 apples, 20 bananas, 20 strawberries and twenty handfuls of grapes each day. Remember, that’s only for 10 of the current 50+ patients. As they grow they will only need more food each day for the remaining approximately 136 days before they are returned to the wild.

Add to that the carrots, strawberries, etcetera the fawns are starting to eat and we wind up with a big produce bill!

Yes. We have approached each grocer in town about possible donations of outdated produce. The two largest grocers donate theirs to the food pantry. When asked about items not fit for human consumption, we were told that was unlikely. Another grocer flat out said no way, not interested.

We are working on purchasing some in bulk and contacting a greenhouse that sells produce when it’s in season.

We are also asking supporters in the area to remember us when they are grocery shopping. Picking up a couple extra bags of apples or a couple bunches of bananas (or more) when you’re shopping for your own family and dropping it by Wild Instincts will help us tremendously.  Not only will you save us money on our produce bill, you’ll also allow us to spend time we would’ve spent grocery shopping instead with the wildlife in our care.

This won’t last 3 days!

If you’d like to shop for the wildlife, here’s a list of what they’d need and what they don’t. Then give us a call to let us know to expect you and to make sure we’re not out on a rescue. If you’d like to help without fighting grocery store crowds, cash donations are always welcome as well. Thank you for your continued support.

Items Acceptable Items NOT Acceptable
Bananas Onions
Apples Lettuce
Strawberries Celery
Melons of any sort  

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