Posted by: Wild Instincts | January 12, 2012

The Two New Interruptions

Today was planned to be a day of catch-up and preparation. Mark is working part-time at an outside job so we can feed ourselves and the dogs. At this point in time, everything we do for Wild Instincts is on a volunteer only basis. When Mark is working at this outside job, Sharon covers wildlife calls.

This time of year, wildlife calls are usually minimal. Sharon had planned today to catch up on a bunch of administrative things that have been piling up. Anything regarding wildlife is fairly highly regulated and the end of the year brings lots of extra tasks to do. She was also planning on doing a little more touch up sponging on the drywall in the new building.

We are very close to having the building functional. Then we can move out of the temporary garage-turned-rehab-facility, start turning it back into a storage garage and use the building as it was designed. There’s just a bit of drywall finishing work to do and full scale painting will commence.  In fact, a volunteer painting crew wants to come to paint the day after tomorrow!  We have a few minor things to finish in order to have at least 4 rooms ready for them.

We were just about to finish sponging for the evening last night when the call came. A bear had abandoned two cubs due to a logging operation.  Construction mode halted and rehab mode sprang to life.

The site was several hours away. The biologist handling the situation met us partway. It was 11:00pm before we were safely home with the cubs ready to be fed. Oh, yeah, there was a snowstorm we had to drive through, too.

So now there are two new interruptions…five-day old black bear cubs. They’re both male and around 2 pounds and each equipped with an ample set of lungs. Check our blog in a day or two when we have time we’ll upload some video.

Approx 5-day-old black bear being bottle fed

They will be fed a special electrolyte solution for a few feedings before switching gradually over to formula. They are currently eating every three hours.

Yes, that meant we had a rather long night last night but not as long as Mark’s night tonight will be. After driving through the snowstorm and getting up every three hours, he will only be working at his other job eight hours instead of ten. He has to leave that job early so he can go give a presentation on wildlife rehab to a civic group!

Sharon will be trying to get administrative things accomplished in 2 ½ hour windows. They eat every three hours, but the formula has to be prepared before hand and they need cleaning up after.

As interruptions to plans and schedules go though, well, that’s what rehab is all about!

We aren’t complaining at all, though we may be doing a bit extra yawning!!

Tiny bear paw (front left)



  1. Kudos to you two for stepping up to the task.

  2. I wish you the best in raising the bear cubs; how sad that they were separated from their mom. Enjoy your cat naps when you can get them.

  3. Thank you so much for your efforts! Hopefully you can help these tiny travelers on to another new beginning.

  4. My husband was the forester who found the cubs and my daughter carried them out of the woods snuggled up in her coat. We are so pleased they are alive and look forward to seeing more updates.

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