Posted by: Wild Instincts | October 20, 2011

Bear Release 2011

On May 28th, 2011, Wild Instincts admitted an orphan bear cub. Her mom and a sibling had been illegally shot for hanging out
in someone’s yard. She was raised here at Wild Instincts and released back into the wild October 19th, 2011.

We have been fortunate enough to participate in post-release radio telemetry studies on our bears over a number of years. The findings have shown we raise wild, non-nuisance bears that do well. Our orphans are allowed to put on lots of weight, sometimes 100% more than they would if in the wild with their moms. They are released after bear season is over in the fall. They
have enough fat reserves they are ready to den up and go into winter sleep. Their own wild instinct takes over and in the spring, they wake up wild bears.


Here are a few photos of her experience with us:

so small and cute


growing like a weed


when tranquilized, medication must be placed in an animal's eyes to lubricate and protect them

at the release site, waiting for the reversal drug to take effect

not fully out of the drug's effect, she still is aware enough to scooch away from humans


NOTE: We stay and monitor animals still under the effects of drugs until they are ambulatory and able to defend themselves and be safe.

Thanks to all who made this bear’s return to the wild possible. Wild Instincts cannot function without you!



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