Posted by: Wild Instincts | May 30, 2011

My Story by B. Cub

“A little over a week ago, my mom, my sibling and I were going about our business. Mom was working hard to teach us how to grow up into the bears we were supposed to be. We were near a den of one of those two-legged animals called people. Mom was trying to teach us how to live with them. They are everywhere now so it’s hard to not share our territory with a bunch of them. We try to live around them and hope they do the same for us.

One of those scary two-legged ones saw us. He went back into his den and got a stick that made a huge noise. Mom fell down and wouldn’t get up. My brother and I scurried up nearby trees just like Mom had taught us. We tried to hide, but he saw us.

He went back into his den and came out with something else this time…a pellet gun. He pointed it at my brother. I hid.

After a while, he went back into his den. I stayed where I was until I thought it was safe. I went to my mom and tried to get her to get up so we could leave that scary place. She wouldn’t. Neither would my brother. I didn’t know what to do so I stayed by mom. When other two-legged ones came, I ran up a tree and hid, but I never went very far from mom.  She started to smell very bad. I got very hungry and thirsty.

Some two-leggeds put some food in a box for me near Mom. Finally, I went in to get something to eat. Then I couldn’t get out!! The two-leggeds caught me. They brought me to a place. I let them know right away I don’t trust or like two-leggeds. They seem to understand that and think that’s okay.

I’m at a place called Wild Instincts where I’m going to learn to follow my wild instincts without my mom’s help. It’s still scary right now, but I’m safe and getting lots of food.”


orphan bear cub

We can’t know what this little 4-month-old bear cub is thinking or feeling, but can imagine it to be something like the above.

What we DO know is every year we get a black bear cub admitted because of illegal poaching. If we’re lucky, as in this case, the offender is caught and charged. He claimed “self-defense” to law enforcement. Going back into your house and then coming back out with a gun doesn’t sound like self defense to us. Going back a second time for a pellet gun to kill a cub most definitely is not self defense in our opinion, but we’ll leave the legal stuff to the authorities.

We’ll be making sure this cub is safe, well-fed and learns to be wild so he can return to the wild where he belongs.

A single bear cub of this age can cost around $3000.00 just in food along to raise to release. Unfortunately, he most likely will not be the only one admitted to Wild Instincts this year.

If you are interested in helping us help him and others of many different species,  see for ways you can help.



  1. I should think that the offender’s punishment should include paying for the care of the surviving cub.

    Alas, what I should think seems to rarely be what a judge decides.

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