Posted by: Wild Instincts | May 21, 2011

Sixteen Weeks

Today is Friday, May 20th, exactly 16 weeks to the day of purchasing property to establish Wild Instincts wildlife rehab facility.

It seems to us like things are moving along very slowly because there is soooo much to be done.  It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s good to look back and see just how much has been accomplished already.

In the last 16 weeks we have:

~Elected a Board of Directors

~Filed with IRS for non-profit status

~Established a web site, a blog and a FaceBook Page

~Attended Town zoning meetings and successfully obtained proper permits

~Attended County zoning meetings and successfully obtained proper permits

~Remodeled and insulated a garage for a temporary rehab facility

~Prepared inside caging, ICU’s, and critical care areas

~Cleared sites for a new 64 X 45’ rehab facility, a septic system, and a mobile home

~Prepared a 16 x 80 donated mobile home for transport to our facility

~Had a 64 x 45’ pole barn building shell erected

~Cleared for a deer yard

~Started site prep on an eagle flight cage and bear cages

 Most important, thought, all the while the above was going on, we were still rescuing, admitting and caring for wild patients. All activity stops for patient care. We have always put the animals’ needs first and foremost and always will.

Currently, we have babies needing feeding every ½ hour.  It’s making getting other things done a challenge, but that’s what rehab is all about.

We are up for the challenge. After all, we’ve made it our life for decades…sacrificing a lot for the privilege of helping our wild friends.

What about you? Are you up for the challenge? Won’t you help us help them?

Consider donating today.


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