Posted by: Wild Instincts | May 16, 2011

What Am I?

Do you know what this is?

Do you know what animal this is?

He was admitted on April 11th. The people saw a gray squirrel come out of their camper and shot it. Then they found a nest of babies inside.

This age is referred to as “pinkie” in the rehab world. They are naked, eyes closed, and about the size of a pinkie finger or thumb.  Sometimes even smaller!

The litter of "pinkies"

It can be a challenge sometimes to identify what a pinkie is. Identification is important because different species have different nutrition requirements.  A squirrel isn’t just a squirrel. Red squirrels have different formula requirements than gray squirrels. Formula companies have changed their formula compositions without notifying consumers over the years making it even more challenging to provide correct nutrition for species easy to identify, much less the ones more difficult to identify.

Experienced, skilled rehabbers rely on many details to determine species. Sometimes they take a stab in the dark and wait then adjust as necessary.

We had a pretty good idea what these were. Do you?

Pinkies are so translucent you can see the formula in their stomachs.

It takes lots and lots of feedings and attention and care for pinkies to grow into what they are supposed to be.

In fact, on May 14th, we “celebrated” the 150th dropper feeding of this squirrel. Remember, that’s for just ONE squirrel. Multiply that 150 by 4 in this particular litter. Yep. That’s 600 formula feedings!  They just started eating some solid food, but will get 2-3 more weeks of formula feedings!! Already they have consumed 250 ml of formula. A quarter of a liter doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you draw it up milliliter by milliliter in an eyedropper, then attach a teat infuser to make the eyedropper hole even smaller and feed the formula basically drop by drop a quarter of a liter is a lot.

Dropper feeding is time consuming, requires patience and skill to do correctly.

Did you guess correctly? Scroll down to find out:

Scroll Down….

Scroll Down some more…..

No peeking!

It's a red squirrel!

 Even though the recoverer’s said they shot a gray squirrel and then found the litter of babies, we were pretty sure they were not gray squirrels, but rather red squirrels.


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