Posted by: Wild Instincts | May 3, 2011

May 1st Work Day

On May 1st, twenty-two wonderful people donated most of their Sunday to cut and haul brush to further Wild Instincts mission. They ventured out in blustery, cold, raw weather to help finish clearing the drain field and the mobile home site.

There are still days when we feel like we’ve taken on way too much. There are still plenty of sleepless nights wondering if this will all come together. Days like Sunday, however, with the overwhelming support people showed for our cause go a long way to quiet our fears.

When we first arrived at Wild Instincts Sunday morning to start setting up the food table and getting things organized, we got a phone call about an injured Great Horned Owl in Ashland. Arranging transport drivers while doing everything else made it feel like a real rehab center already instead of a temporary garage.

Throughout the day we had patient phone calls and three admissions. I would get one taken care of and start to head out to the troops and the phone would ring again. I felt guilty not being out there hauling stuff, but then again the phone calls were the reason all those people were out there helping-and all in the nick of time, too.

This morning, Monday, May 2nd, the building is arriving with construction scheduled to begin later this week. Tuesday, May 3rd, the septic work begins on the finally totally cleared drain field site.

When road weight limits are lifted, the well work and moving the mobile home will be scheduled.

All this will be possible this soon because 22 people gave up their time and sweat for the animals.

We thank you all and the animals thank you all.


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