Posted by: Wild Instincts | April 8, 2011

Public Hearing

At 2:00pm on Wed April 6th, 2011, we were on the agenda for a public hearing of the county planning and zoning committee. This was so the public could offer concerns or support regarding the operation of a wildlife rehab center on the property we bought specifically for that purpose.

We had been getting nothing but positive feedback with some rumors of grumblings and attempts at possible obstacles or roadblocks from a very small majority with which we no longer affiliate ourselves.

This was the last governmental red tape to get through. Having started this journey on January 25th, we were more than ready to get this over with!

It took about 7 minutes, most of which was to read what our activities would entail with some details. Not a word of opposition. We were approved immediately.


Building is now officially ordered and hopefully in the three weeks it takes to manufactured, the weight limits will lifted so it can be promptly delivered and assembled.

In the meantime, we have converted the existing garage into a temporary two-room wildlife rehab building. There’s an area for admissions, treatment and prep and another area for cages.  It’s not much for now, but we’ll make it work because the only other choice is not helping the animals!

We have a generous donor donating a mobile home that will eventually house interns, but in the beginning will house the office and volunteer interns. That has to wait until weight limits are lifted.

There are a lot of things that will be happening in the next few weeks- probably simultaneously. That’s what rehab in the Northwoods is all about.


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