Posted by: Wild Instincts | February 13, 2011



Funny how things work sometimes, isn’t it?

We were just working along doing our jobs above and beyond, day after day, year after year after year. We were pretty happy.  Life got crazy at times, but in the end no matter how crazy it got, we knew when the day was done we had done our best by the wildlife crossing our doorstep. Sometimes that day was 18 hours long, exhausting mentally, emotionally and physically but we loved our way of life.

Last year things started to change. We still loved what we did and did it extremely well.  Rehab work is difficult in the best of circumstances.  Add in politics of organizations, boards and people with their own agendas and sometimes it can be downright impossible.

The animals were still foremost in our minds and actions. We stuck it out much longer than most simply because of the animals.

No matter what they say or misleading statements they still make to this day, in the end, we did NOT go willingly! That was early November 2010.

We found ourselves out and at a crossroads. Maybe it was time to give someone else a turn. Rehab had given us a wonderful, fulfilled life for many, many years. What do we do now?

He could get a “normal” job.  We could stop being on-call 24/7/365. We could have normal hours and have free time to plan, take vacations, make family functions, or just relax.

The thing about that plan was when we left the old place, all our permits, knowledge and experience went with us. In what one can only describe as shortsightedness, we were ushered out before qualified replacements were ushered in.  That means NO ONE WAS HELPING THE ANIMALS!

We had long discussions in our house. It was decided we would always do some wildlife rehabilitation. It is who we are. How MUCH rehab we would do was the question.  

Many rehabbers do just a few animals per year. Could we do that? Would he be able to walk away from the animals we wouldn’t be able to help while having “regular” jobs?

The big question that kept us up at night was what was happening to our wild friends needing help right now? Who was helping them? No one was. But it probably wasn’t bothering too many people because they didn’t realize how many animals were in need. After all, it was our bedroom the pager rang in at night. It was our life being interrupted. What could we do?

As if by divine intervention, a large inheritance appeared. He could get a simple part-time job and we could retire early. Nah!

Three days after the inheritance check came in the mail, we placed an offer on 16 acres for a new wildlife rehab center. We closed on it three days after that on January 28, 2011, and haven’t looked back. It seems that after we decided to put wildlife first as we have for decades, fate stepped in to make sure everything has been falling into place.

There are some rumors we left to go start our own place.

Truth is we were pushed out in November, couldn’t desert our wild friends so found a way to help them in January.

 Putting wildlife first has always worked for us so we’ll continue. We’re counting down to baby season and working feverishly to make sure we’ll be ready.

There are still moments when the enormity of what we are about to embark on hits us. Then some obstacle, speed bump or difficulty is magically removed and the path is cleared….

.…as if by providence.


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